The term "generation" with regards to a ‘contemporary’ implication, identifies the present origin, nationality, age and birth, of a multitude of people characterized by definitive collective qualities or conditions. It can be used as a tool to reflect the identity of a past era, or a compass of what lies ahead. It is worth noting that three generations was and still is the period of about a century.  The exact period itself cannot be measured, but falls within reasonable time limits.

Culminating on the etymology of the term "generation," each generation of artists imprints its own mark in time by way of expression, surrender of its discourse to posterity, ability to capture the invisible into visible thoughts, and critical reasoning of their usage of material, choice of medium and artistic practice. The artists, through their trajectory, want to share and exchange energy, thoughts, internal conflict, and the way they perceive and experience external social conditions through bouts of spontaneity and courage but more often through loneliness - which differentiates them as a generation.

If, however, a representative sample of artists of varying generations converge in a single place, they have the opportunity to narrate through their work, a movement in time, without the motive to showcase a linear continuity between past, present and future, but to characterize and express their prominent diversity.